Where are we walking around?

There's no a well defined walking route, our itinerary is inspired by the moment.
We will encourage you to get impressed, the old town is a labyrinth of narrow streets, full of decorated religious icons and bed sheets at balconies.
Our walking is dedicated to shine the several aspects and the real feeling of the Bari lifestyle, especially in the old town, the city-spot that manly highlights the local culture. But be sure, we'll bring you into a trip back in time and we'll not miss the main historical spot and folkloristic corners: we'll walk toghether from ancient churches to the fish market, we'll see art nouveau buildings and eat the best ( and cheapest) local food.
You won't miss a thing!
We are local
We live here
We love it (99%)



For our perfect british accent, of course
Just kidding
Absolutely not
Do not expect a guide who will repeat like a parrot, we love to interact with our visitors and to let you feel the authentic soul of Bari, moreover we will take you to the OldTown, where you can meet the real folklore of local people. It will be an intense experience that will surely catch your five senses.
Although we are professional guides, our project would escape from an annoying and classical story-telling, our style is fresh, dynamic and brilliant! We guarantee you a genuine and unconventional contact with the town, offering a shocking and witty view of the main spots.
We perform just one tour in a day for each guide. We hare two (happy) human being, not commerce & marketing!
We try to make the best to let you enjoy an unforgettable performance. It has more to deal with passionate & artistic temperament that with merely working, just to be paid.
We speak about love, political life and a thousand other froths
We do not run, we speak authentic, we walk slowly, we pose questions, we encourage interaction, we promote irony, we ask your voice.
We are Street Art Guide!
We are the best guides in town


About the tour?

Everybody is invited to join the Free Walkingt Tour, no matter if you are a cruise passenger, 5star VIP or backpacker traveller!
The tour will performed in English language, on request it could be in German.
The whole walking is a between 2 and 3 km, we walk slowly about 2 and 30 minutes long. Our tour is suitable for disabled people. We go on with the tours no matter what the weather's like.
FWT is on not complusory tip based.There is no admission fee. If you like it just tips!
We are not competitive, nothing to do with clock's fanatics guide.
We will be able to adapt your walking experience to your needs.
We will make sure you enjoy the visit and have a lot of fun.
We are guides of many talents!


Our Meeting point & Calendar

Our meeting point is just out the main gate Bari international port. See it on the map.
If you would join our Free Walking Tour (both cruise passenger or independent traveller), please Easy Contatc Us. Your reservations help us to organize the FWT starting time. Especially for cruise passenger we need your reservation to optimize the FWT starting time and your cruise schedule.
We kindly recommend to inquire about your request, wishes and needs.
The tour will be performed for the minimum number of 4 participants.
If you are a young group why do not organize a night tour? Just an idea of thousand possibilities, we could share together!


Easy contact us

We are very happy to be part of the Free Tour Network.
We support all the international free walking tour, we work hard to make international network.